Friday, August 24, 2012


                                            Fall Day  Oil on Linen  20" x 20"   

                                           Red Marsh    Oil on Linen 20" x 20"       SOLD         $525

                                           Green Day     Oil on Linen 20" x 60"      Sold

                                              May Day   Oil on Linen  36" x 48"
                                                                      SOLD  ($2400)

                                             Coming Home   Oil on Linen   36" x 48"

                                                     Santana Marsh  Oil on Linen 36" x 48"

                                           Thicket    Oil on Linen       36" x 48"      SOLD      $1900

                                          Slow Tide    Oil on Linen  36" x 48"    SOLD     $1900

                                         Mud Marsh  Oil on Linen  48" x 60"     SOLD   $2200

                                                    Blue Marsh  Oil on Linen    48" x 60"   $2200   SOLD

Marsh Near The Isle of Hope   Oil on Linen  " x "  $


  1. Bellamy,
    Coming home and marsh near Isle of hope are my favs. I like the bluer skies, also.
    See you on the 11th.

  2. I love the pair of oysters snuggled up together. Told my husband they reminded me of us. We just fit together comfortably!

    Where is your studio on Isle of Hope I know where Jane C's shop is located. Are you nearby? Isle of Hope is just a special place.

  3. We would like to visit you and talk about a commission for a painting similar to coming home or gumbo....we have been tracking you since Tybee days! We would go to the galleries there and oh and aah over your work. We especially loved a series you did of the marshes and they were lined up in a set of three. Debra and Steve Chester 912-587-5142

  4. Bellamy, please contact me… I want like to ask if I could commission you to paint something for me. ellen Henderson